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"RED" Branding Iron

RED brand.JPG

"RED" Branding Iron, UNLV Division of Educational Outreach Collection

A slightly rusted branding iron with the letters R E D.

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Clara Bow Makeup Box

clara bow case.JPG

Clara Bow Makeup Box

A leather tooled box. The top of the makeup box features a leather handle and a medal engraved label that has the name: "Clara Bow" on it. The outside…

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Clara Bow's Makeup Box (made by Kathleen Mary Quinlan)

Makeup case.JPG

Clara Bow's Makeup Box (made by Kathleen Mary Quinlan), After 1935

A leather-bound Kathleen Mary Quinlan makeup kit. The external material is a light brown leather, with a handle and a lock. Inside the box are three…

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Decorative Hand Drum

Drum One.JPG

Decorative Hand Drum, 1980s

Octagonal hand-drum with cattle leather stretched over stapled/glued yellow pine wood. Sinew ties to hold leather on both sides in place. Front side…


Film Projector

Camera real cover photo.JPG

Film Projector, Keystone Kinescope Projector, 1920-1930

The movie projector is brown in color, functioning nobs and they are silver in color barely tarnishing, electrical cord nearly intact. The "on and…


Hat Stretcher

hat stretcher.JPG

Hat Stretcher, 1930s-1940s

The wooden Milliner's Hat Stretcher is a device typically found in a milliner's, for correctly sizing hats to the customer. It has a flat platform,…


Indigenous Clay Painted Water Jug/Acoma Canteen

Water Jug One.JPG

Indigenous Clay Painted Water Jug/Acoma Canteen, Approx. mid to late 1970s

An Acoma Canteen painted with designs indicative to indigenous art styles, for decorative use. The jug has all round edges with no flat bottom, and a…


Kimono Robe

Robe .JPG

Kimono Robe, 1950s-1980s

This is a aqua-green robe with floral patterns of the same color depicting flowers and possible tree branches. The robe features a tag on the neck…

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Leather Bound Book

Rex Bell Notebook.JPG

Leather Bound Book, Approximately 1930s

A leather bound book. The front cover features the name "Rex Bell" in beveled letters. The cover also features an embossed/engraved image of a cowboy…

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Leather Suitcase Branded

Leather Suitecae One.JPG

Leather Suitcase Branded, Boyle Luggage Company

A brown leather suitcase. There is a label on the front with the words: "BOYLE", "Since 1851", "World's Finest Luggage". The suitcase is engraved with…


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