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Western Suit

Western Suit CP.JPG

Western Suit, Division of Educational Outreach, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, 1950s-1960s

This is a set of a cream-colored shirt with a cream-colored set of trousers. The shirt contains a tag stating "Rex Bell's Walking Box Brand Las Vegas…

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Kimono Robe

Robe .JPG

Kimono Robe, 1950s-1980s

This is a aqua-green robe with floral patterns of the same color depicting flowers and possible tree branches. The robe features a tag on the neck…

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Rex Bell "Western" Hat and Case

Western Hat cover photo.JPG

Rex Bell "Western" Hat and Case, Approx 1930s

The hat case made of a hard plastic composite material, with a rubber-like strap. The case contains two sections of pockets, one along the lid, and…

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Men's Tuxedo, Black

Western Suit CP.JPG

Men's Tuxedo, Black, UNLV Division Of Educational Outreach Collection, Approximately 1923 to 1979

One black tuxedo. Pants and jacket only. Assumed to be worn by Rex Bell Sr.

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