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Rex Bell "Western" Hat and Case

Western Hat cover photo.JPG

Rex Bell "Western" Hat and Case, Approx 1930s

The hat case made of a hard plastic composite material, with a rubber-like strap. The case contains two sections of pockets, one along the lid, and…

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Hat Stretcher

hat stretcher.JPG

Hat Stretcher, 1930s-1940s

The wooden Milliner's Hat Stretcher is a device typically found in a milliner's, for correctly sizing hats to the customer. It has a flat platform,…


Miners Helmet

Miner hat One.JPG

Miners Helmet, MSA Skullgard, 1940s

The dark brown MSA SKULLGARD miner’s helmet has a black shoe string tied towards the bottom of the helmet. Inside, the helmet has bands that will…


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