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The Walking Box Ranch: Exploring Public History through Nevada’s Heritage

The exhibit discusses the importance of preserving the Walking Box Ranch and emphasizes the importance of “using” resources or historic environments for three-dimensional teaching tools.

Great room in the ranch house at Walking Box Ranch.

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Clara’s Beginning, Dream and Reality

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A look of at the life of Clara Bow, how her movies influenced her life, and what happened when she left Hollywood. 

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Big John Silveira and the Walking Box Ranch

John Silveira (1892-1965), nicknamed Big John for his size, was the Deputy Sherriff of Searchlight. His place as both a lawman and an artist are important to the story of the not only the Walking Box Ranch, but Searchlight.

Big John designed and installed the now-extinct rock gardens in the inner courtyard of the Ranch House, as well as the magnificent stone fireplace and chimney. Untangling the story of lesser-known individuals with connections to Clara Bow and Rex Bell on the Walking Box Ranch serves to enrich the story.

Photograph of Clara Bow and Rex Bell (George Francis Beldam) in front of the fireplace in the great room at the ranch house at Walking Box Ranch.  The firepalce was made by ""Big John"" Silvera from Searchlight Nevada.  He was Deputy Sheriff there and did rock work.

Clara Bow and Rex Bell in front of the fireplace, ca. 1930s.

Unless otherwise stated, images courtesy of UNLV Special Collections and Archives; The Walking Box Ranch Collection and the Bell Family. Link to Finding Aid here and and UNLV Digital Collections here.

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The Historic Furniture of the Walking Box Ranch

This exhibit explores the history of the Monterey Mission furniture that Clara Bell and Rex Bow used at the Walking Box Ranch.  This furniture exemplifies the mythic ranch life that the couple made a reality.

Great room in the ranch house at Walking Box Ranch.