Rex Bell "Western" Hat and Case

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Rex Bell "Western" Hat and Case


The Walking Box Ranch Collection


The hat case made of a hard plastic composite material, with a rubber-like strap. The case contains two sections of pockets, one along the lid, and one along the main compartment. There are two latches and a lock on the outside. The case is unlocked and no key extant. The lid compartment contains a label "Samsonite Luggage, Style 4620, Shwayder Bros., Inc. Denver"
The hat is made of cream felt material, with several written messages, including an autograph by Clara Bow and Rex Bell. There is a fastened cream cloth ribbon around the brim. The hat is very worn; stained stained with an unknown hair or hairlike fibers scattered on the brim, and torn in several places. The inside of the hat contains the torn remains of a leather inner-brim section, and a frayed cloth bow.


Approx 1930s


UNLV Division of Educational Outreach


The object is available for education and research purposes and are part of the UNLV Division of Educational Outreach Collection. This image may not be reproduced for commercial purposes without the express written consent of the UNLV Division of Educational Outreach


Length: 17 in.
Width: 18 in.
Height; 7.5 in.

Length: 15.5 in.
Width: 14.5 in.
Height: 6 in.




Samsonite Luggage


PAR 103 "Workroom" at UNLV Paradise Campus


There is a paper label attached to the outside strap via a wire, indicative of recent cataloging. This label is removable and causes no damage to the artifact.

Names and Phrases, written in pencil, counter-clockwise from the bow:

"The Westerner" references to the 1940 film of the same name
"Tonto, 'Getum up Scout" refers to the sidekick in the Lone Ranger movie serial with Victor Daniels A.K.A Chief Thundercloud. Although the catchphrase is more closely associated with the 1949 TV series where Mohawk actor Jay Silverheels was cast in the role.
"The Lone Ranger, 'Hi Ho Silver" refers to the 1938 movie serial of the same name. Hi-Yo Silver is the horse the hero of the story rides.
"Little Beaver, 'You Betum, Red Ryder" is in reference to the Red Ryder comic that ran from 1938 to 1964.
"Best Wishes, Rex Bell, Clara Bow" (Autograph)
"California Carlson" "Hopalong Cassidy" are in reference to the movie series starring William Boyd that started out in the 1930s but became more extensive in the 1940s and 1950s. Actor Andy Clyde starred as California Carlson in the series.


Entry created by Jennifer Kimball


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Rex Bell "Western" Hat and Case, Approx 1930s

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