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Leather Suitcase Branded


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A brown leather suitcase. There is a label on the front with the words: "BOYLE", "Since 1851", "World's Finest Luggage". The suitcase is engraved with ranch brands. There are two brown leather handles. There are two metal clasps. There are two stickers on the outside of the suitcase. One contains writing with Rex Bell's name and address listed. The front side sticker is worn down the words that are legible are: "FOR" and "FROM". There are two tags attached to the handle. The one tag has the name "Republic." The other label is very worn but does have the word "Airline" legible. The inside has plaid material lining. There are also two plaid pockets. One pocked features a metal zipper encased in brown leather. Contained within the suitcase is a green toothbrush and a button labeled "Pacific Ocean." There is a strap with a metal clasp.


Accession Number: 2012.3.2


Boyle Luggage Company


UNLV Division of Educational Outreach


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Length: 24 in.
Width: 6 in.
Height: 17 in.




Physical Object


Boyle Luggage Company


The leather is worn with lots of abrasions. The left side of the suitcase has a tear. The clasps are missing the screws that hold them to the suitcase and a few are loose. In particular, on the left side clasp there is an incredibly loose screw. The handles are incredibly worn. The leather on both handles is cracked and falling apart. There are a lot of accretions on the outside and inside of the suitcase. The stitching along the outer edges is starting to fray.


The Boyle Luggage Company was based in New York and made many of their cases with pigskin. The ranch markings appear to be costom additions to the luggage. However, the location of the markings on the case indicate that they were made before the luggage was constructed. 

Boyle Luggage Advertisement

Boyle Luggage image for U.S. Patent Office.


Entry created by Kristen Phipps and Timothy Brown


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Leather Suitcase Branded, Boyle Luggage Company

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