Clara Bow's Makeup Box (made by Kathleen Mary Quinlan)

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Clara Bow's Makeup Box (made by Kathleen Mary Quinlan)


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A leather-bound Kathleen Mary Quinlan makeup kit. The external material is a light brown leather, with a handle and a lock. Inside the box are three areas or storage, two levels in the main section, and one on the lid. The box contains a number of cosmetic products, fixed in under leather straps. The bottom row contains a long, empty class bottle. The second tow contains two pink cylindrical jars, one of hand cream one of night cream. The third row contains two glass jars, one of a peach shade of blush and the other deodorant cream, and a plastic container of cake mascara and one applicator. The jar of the blush is full. The fourth row contains an empty pink, plastic compact and a small, gold-colored square compact with rouge. The lid section two glass bottles, one labeled "eye bath" the other "special formation lotion." Attached to a cavity in the lid is a square mirror. Under the main panel are one plastic hair cap and one plastic body cap and three nail files.

The key to the case is tied to a string on the main panel.


After 1935


UNLV Division of Educational Outreach


The object is available for education and research purposes and are part of the UNLV Division of Educational Outreach Collection. This image may not be reproduced for commercial purposes without the express written consent of the UNLV Division of Educational Outreach


Kathleen Mary Quinlan


It is unknown if the leather case itself is also of the Kathleen Mary Quinlan brand, as there is no outside label. The leather straps that hold branded products on the interior appear to be specifically made to fit the exact dimensions.


"The Kathleen Mary Quinlan Story - From Masseuse to Cosmetics Royalty

Clara Bow was a film icon known for her good looks, which she accentuated using the styles of makeup popular in the 1920s and 1930s. Photoraphs of Clara from UNLV Special Collections show her use of cosmetics, here, here and here.


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Clara Bow's Makeup Box (made by Kathleen Mary Quinlan), After 1935

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