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Rex Bell Jr. District Attorney Plate

Bronze Plate One.JPG

Rex Bell Jr. District Attorney Plate, Approx. 1980s 
Rex Bell Jr. was District Attorney from 1987-1995

A copper, brass or bronze plate with lettering "Rex Bell District Attorney" "Clark County Nevada" "Manuel Guerrero" containing a tooled embellishment…


Leather Bound Book

Rex Bell Notebook.JPG

Leather Bound Book, Approximately 1930s

A leather bound book. The front cover features the name "Rex Bell" in beveled letters. The cover also features an embossed/engraved image of a cowboy…

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Hat Stretcher

hat stretcher.JPG

Hat Stretcher, 1930s-1940s

The wooden Milliner's Hat Stretcher is a device typically found in a milliner's, for correctly sizing hats to the customer. It has a flat platform,…


Men's Tuxedo, Black

Western Suit CP.JPG

Men's Tuxedo, Black, UNLV Division Of Educational Outreach Collection, Approximately 1923 to 1979

One black tuxedo. Pants and jacket only. Assumed to be worn by Rex Bell Sr.

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Decorative Hand Drum

Drum One.JPG

Decorative Hand Drum, 1980s

Octagonal hand-drum with cattle leather stretched over stapled/glued yellow pine wood. Sinew ties to hold leather on both sides in place. Front side…


"RED" Branding Iron

RED brand.JPG

"RED" Branding Iron, UNLV Division of Educational Outreach Collection

A slightly rusted branding iron with the letters R E D.

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Miners Helmet

Miner hat One.JPG

Miners Helmet, MSA Skullgard, 1940s

The dark brown MSA SKULLGARD miner’s helmet has a black shoe string tied towards the bottom of the helmet. Inside, the helmet has bands that will…


Rex Bell Luggage Trunk


Rex Bell Luggage Trunk, Educational Outreach-University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 1930s-1940s

This Anchor Brand Travelaire Luggage Trunk is dark green with a white metal trim. The lock in the front of the trunk was created by USA Excelsior from…

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